RKM Homes


RKM Homes is one of the residential developments of RKM Housing, located at Mohali, Chandigarh. It offers spacious and skillfully designed 2BHK and 3BHK apartments. The project is well equipped with all modern amenities and 24X7 security service to facilitate the needs of the residents.

Independent Floors

250 GF Without Corrner250 sq yard first floor CORNER FINAL copy 250 sq yard first floor Corner250 sq yard first floor CORNER FINAL copy2 250 FF Without Corrner250,FF,WITHOUT CORNER copy3
 FF 200 CorrnerFF 200 CORNER copy4  FF 200 WCFF 200 WC FINAL copy5  GF 250 Cornergf 200 sq yard corner copy6
 GF 200 sq yard Without cornerGF,200 SQ YARD,WITHOUT CORNER copy7  GF 250 CornerGROUND FLOOR , 250 CORNER FINAL copy8

Payment Plan

RKM Homes (G.F + 2Floors, 3 BHK)
Construction Link Plan
1 Within 30 days from date of booking(Including Booking Amount) 20%
2 Within 90 days from date of booking. 20%
3 On the start of construction. 5%
4 On completion of Brick and Plaster work. 10%
4 On completion of Plumbing work. 5%
6 On completion of Flooring work. 10%
7 On completion of Wood work. 5%
8 On completion of Paint work. 10%
9 On completion of Electrical work. 5%
10 At the time of notice handling for handling over of the possession + IFMS. 10%